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  • Easy Ways To Update A Kitchen Countertop


    The kitchen is considered as one of the liveliest areas of the house. It is also an area wherein it receives heavy foot traffic which is why homeowners must ensure that their kitchen is updated or renovated every now and then or when needed. The usual cost for kitchen renovation can be very expensive but one of the best ways to improve the look of the kitchen is through redesigning the countertops. Changing or improving the look of your countertop is cost-efficient and at the same time very easy to do. If you are fond of DIY projects, then you can certainly take some time to fix and beautify your countertops.

    Update Your Old Kitchen Countertops

    If you want a whole new look for your countertops, then the best way is to change the top to an uba tuba granite finish. The name may sound too unfamiliar or exotic but many kitchen counters are actually made of this material. Granite finish is quite popular because they are affordable and at the same time, poses an aesthetic value of the stone. Your kitchen counters will surely look more elegant and inviting with your new counters. This type of granite is highly recommended for any types of kitchen and is great for busy homeowners since they are easy to maintain and clean. In fact, this type of granite is resistant to stains and scratches.

    Another way to update the look of your kitchen is to simply add a few decors in the counter. You can also rearrange the items on the focal points of the kitchen so you will have a fresher perspective. Add dramatic lighting to certain parts of the kitchen and make sure that all your items or kitchen appliances are in good shape. Even a good dusting on your kitchen items will improve the look of your area.

  • Putting Luxury on Your Homes Kitchen Countertops

    Homes Kitchen Countertops

    Contrary to how exotic its name sounds, Uba Tuba granite is one of the most used and adored of all the countertop materials. This is dug out from Brazil and has been used in a lot of kitchens and bathrooms by designers worldwide as can be seen on the website Granite Remnants.

    Style, Affordability and High Quality

    Despite its artistic aura, this granite is quite affordable, making it on top of the list of stones. The color is extremely dark green which is easily confused with black. It is flecked with gold, white, brown or even turquoise, making the stone from plain to glamorous.

    Also referred as Verde Uba Tuba or Green Labrador, this stone is considered as a good investment. For those who are thinking of redesigning or renovating the entire home, this stone is the best choice. Its quality is perfect for most kitchen tops as it is dense and the materials are of high quality. Appearance wise, it looks like an expensive piece of décor. It is also ideal for homeowners who want to experiment with different hues and materials as the stone’s color adapts to it effortlessly.
    The luxurious look goes more than just being pretty to look at, as it is also very durable and long-lasting. The Verde Uba Tuba is the stone that will give you nothing but perfection.

    Care and Maintenance

    Although this stone is resistant to stains and scratches, its beauty can be best maintained with an impregnating sealer to avoid soaking liquid spills. It is also best to have it resealed after 3-4 years of use to maintain its stain resistance feature. When cleaning, it is advised to use only mild soap and water or, a stone cleaner, instead of rough substances.