Pomades for Men: Get Pomades for Any Hair Style

Pomades for Any Hair Style

Classic Americana or American culture is all about the pomade, particularly the 1940s to the 1960s. They’re in the same league as Clubman talcum powder and straight razors. They’re iconic hairstyling products that epitomize the youths of yesteryear. Although they’re nearly forgotten, they are still remembered from time to time in period pieces about greasers sporting high amounts of pomade for men and testosterone. What’s more, this old-school staple from your grandfather’s time or even great grandfather’s time is making a resurgence in the new millennium, catching the eye of the so-called Millennials who wish to indulge in the old-timey and nostalgic. Many barbers are rediscovering pomades and their versatility when it comes to giving you any hair style (and not just the requisite trio of the ducktail, pompadour, and quiff) because of its unique combination of hold and finish. Visit menspomade.net for more information.

That Greased Look Is Making a Comeback

* Back in the Eighties or 1980s, people (mostly baby boomers) were all about reminiscing about 20 years ago, during the Fifties or 1950sEra of greasers, rebels without a cause, and pin-up models. In turn, the New Tens or 2010s are all about 1980s nostalgia, retrogaming, commercialized cartoons, punks, hair metal bands, and rock ballads. By extension, ironically enough, the 1980s’ fascination with the 1950s has also been transferred to Millennials, hence the renewed interest in pomades.

* The appeal of pomades in the new millennium comes from its ability to have the pliability of wax and the wet look of gel. This enables hairstylists to do gel and wax hairstyles with just one product. While many a Millennial out there would rather get hair dyes and beards, there are still those who are quite smitten by the classic and suave look that men’s pomade has to offer. They can either go with traditional oil-based (or even apple-based) pomades if they’re purists.

* Many an afro-textured hairstyle has also benefited from the pomade’s moisturizing properties. With that said, the days of using fat, grease, or waxy residue to get good pomade stiffening action is long gone, heralding a new era of water-based pomades that are easier to remove from your hair but have stronger, longer-lasting properties than your typical gel, wax, or mousse. It’s also gentler on your scalp, unlike traditional grease-based pomades.

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